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The Learning to Read Downward Progression of a Typical Dyslexic Child Without Adequate Tools That Work for Them

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Jun 04, 2022

Every, and I mean every, dyslexic child goes to school excited by the prospect of learning to read and learn, just like every other child. Unfortunately, the US school systems do not have the simple, three-dimensional tools needed for the dyslexic child to learn to properly read and excel in school.  This lack of adequate schooling accommodations leads dyslexic learners to fall behind their peers, often resulting in demotivation and reduced self-confidence that invites a feedback loop that further hinders their academic progress.  The dyslexic’s “self-talk” that the parent often witnesses looks something like this for the first two-three years of elementary school:  

  1. Eager to go to school and to learn to read. 

  2. 3 to 6 months into the kindergarten year: "Why can't I read like my friends?” 

  3. By the end of the Kindergarten year: "I don't like to read.” 

  4. At some point in First grade: "What’s wrong with me.” 

  5. At some point in First or Second grade: “I am dumb, I'm stupid!” 

  6. At some point in Second or Third grade: “I hate to read!"  

  7. From Third grade on: Avoids reading whenever possible. 

What is so gut-wrenching about this progression is that the dyslexic parent knows they have an intelligent child and, right before their eyes, they are watching their child's self-esteem plummet, which, more times than not, results in disruptive behavior within the classroom. The intelligent child-turned-troublemaker continues a downward spiral. 

Unfortunately, when the parent seeks out help, the dyslexia "experts" inform the parent that phonics is the problem. So, more phonics is needed.  Wrong!  Phonics and its derivative, phonemic awareness, are dominated by two-dimensional learning of flat two-dimensional characters associated with abstract sounds with no three-dimensional concrete meaning. Since the dyslexic has the propensity to think in a very high percentage of three-dimensional thought, all they need is a few simple three-dimensional learning tools that will not only get the dyslexic to read at grade level but will happen usually within a 6-12 months’ timeframe. 

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn.™

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