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Interrupter Reading Disability Symptoms – Explained

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Jun 29, 2022

Magical I Am, through its digital game Sky Village – Trail of Spells™, teaches children in grades K-5 to master reading abstract (sight) words and abstract symbols. Mastery means control or superiority over someone or something. In our case, once all three parts of a sight word (abstract word) or abstract symbol have been 3-dimensionally mastered, the child has it for life. 

The reason why academia and the educational establishment have not been able to zero in on the true problem for the dyslexic child is because interrupter reading disability symptoms [1] are displayed inconsistently when the child reads aloud. 

E.g., One day in an hour tutorial session, the word “the” will be read correctly during the entire reading session. Then the next day, the word “the” will be read as "one" or “a,” stumbled over, or omitted.  

Every parent for whom I have done a reading assessment with their child has been amazed when I tell them what their child is doing when it comes to reading the word “the." Most parents have seen it but have not known what to do with it, its significance, or why it is happening. 

The reason that an “interrupter” reading disability symptom occurs is because the child is “confused”, usually by meeting an unknown sight word, and their Mind’s Eye is rapidly creating alternate perceptions, within the mind, in an attempt to literally make “sense” of the word(s) that they are reading. 

A child often has “no difficulty” in reading sight words in a list, or individually without context. But, when sight words are in the context of a sentence and the reader is not completely sure of what’s being read, the reader often becomes confused. Then, an interrupter reading disabilities symptom will most likely occur. Remember, the Mind’s Eye wanders in an attempt to make “sense” of things, and this can lead to confusion.  

By the way, in 1996, when I was at the Davis Reading Research Council in Burlingame, California for a Dyslexia Corrections course, I could read every single one of their 217 “trigger” words (sight words) with no problem whatsoever, as long as they were not in a sentence. But when you put them in a sentence or paragraphs from a chapter, as in the book “Cooking with the Sun, multiple interrupter reading disability symptoms occurred in every one of the three paragraphs I read aloud. 

Simply put, the Mind’s Eye is the metaphysical entity that views the imagination, thoughts, and experiences within an individual’s mind. So, when reading any word or symbol that causes confusion, it is quite likely that an interrupter reading disability symptom will occur – but not before the Mind’s Eye has subconsciously made numerous attempts to make “sense” of what's being read. Whether dyslexic or not, children are trained to read from left to right, and to keep reading. Therefore, the last view within the dyslexic’s Mind’s Eye, or one’s mind, is what pops out of that person’s mouth while reading aloud or silently. When reading out loud to a group, believe me, what comes out can be very embarrassing and shame-filled! 

The Mind’s Eye on “The Spot” is the dyslexic child’s new best friend - and for life!  

The optimum location for the Mind’s Eye is 3-5 inches above the midline of the head, where the dyslexic’s imagination has created “The Spot.” The dynamics of the Mind’s Eye and “The Spot” are metaphysical by nature, so the dyslexic must learn how to make it work for them with two-dimensional text as well as within the three-dimensional world in which they live.  

Bottom line – When the dyslexic views their Spot, their Mind’s Eye rests in a viewing position that gives them reliable, consistent, and accurate perception of what is seen, thought, imagined, heard, or otherwise experienced, including written text. The curious Mind’s Eye is very mobile and automatically changes its viewing position rapidly and often to seek answers and bring clarity to a confused state. The dyslexic’s use of the Mind’s Eye is often referred to by others as providing unique "out-of-the-box” solutions to problems and situations.

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn.™

More References: 

[1] Interrupter Reading Disability Symptoms: hesitate, insert word, omit word, replace word, misread a word, skip a word, skip line(s), miss a punctuation stop, or combination thereof while reading.

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