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Interrupter Reading Disability Symptom Test – Act Early

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
May 01, 2022

If you suspect that your child might have a reading disability, then we recommend you review the possible characteristics mentioned in Dyslexic 3-D Learner Assessment; and that you take the Symptoms test below. 

This comment says it all: 

Don’t wait too long to ask for help. If you feel your child’s reading problems affect their self-esteem or make them apprehensive about school, get help promptly. “Research shows that the crucial window of opportunity to deliver help is during the first couple of years of school. So if your child is having trouble learning to read, the best approach is to take immediate action.”  (Reading Rockets

What is missing from most dyslexia assessments is this simple reading disability symptoms test that any parent can easily do with their child. 

The Home Reading Disability Symptoms Test: 

  • Have your child read a paragraph or two that is below the present reading level that you think is appropriate for where your child is today? 

  • As your child reads note the words and symbols that cause them to hesitate, omit a word, insert a word, replace a word, misread a word, skip a line(s), miss punctuation stop or go blank. 

  • How many of the misread words are sight words (abstract words) that have no concrete reference like the words “tree” and “house” have. Examples of abstract words and symbols include: “I, it, on, after, the, is, what, question mark (?), comma (,).” 

  • Have no fear if your child does not misread the same word every time it comes up in reading material — this inconsistency in the triggers for reading disability symptoms is typical of the dyslexic 3-dimensional learner, and often overlooked. 

Over 90% of the time reading disability symptoms will be caused by small sight words or abstract punctuation marks. If this is the case, then we recommend you explore 3-dimensional learning methods first over traditional phonics or phonemic awareness approaches. All three methods have their merit, but if the reading disability symptoms mentioned above are applicable to your child, then early on you, the parent, can zero right in on the problem and correct it with materials and tools that match your child’s learning style. 

The guidelines of this home test will give you an idea of what your child’s needs are that may not be provided by their school. 

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn.™

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